Brightwire is an Americana band born from a household of musicians and hailing from southeast Texas. Combining elements of folk, rock, country, punk and whatever else they happen to get interested in, they weave tales of lives lived in our world today. For them, music is about inclusion and letting others know they are not alone in their struggles.

Samuel Barker (Vocals/Guitar) has come up through the Houston Americana/Alt Country scene with bands like The Wayward Sons, The Dragliners and his own solo endeavors. While Kimberly Barker (Vocals/Organ) spent her youth as a member of various choirs, honing her vocal chops.

After helping with the recording of Samuel’s solo album, These Lonesome Nights, Kimberly hit the road to help promote the release. A couple of years later, the duo was married and writing songs together. The product of these adventures is A Place to Call Home.

The album title comes not just from the band’s matrimonial endeavor, but also due to hometown musicians and, most importantly, friends who helped fill out the album. John Stoll (Grifters & Shills) added electric guitar work to Crystal Beach and In the Distance, Michael Helfenstein (The Grizzly Band) added dobro to the majority of the album and Nathan Taylor (Little Outfit) threw in some country licks on Burning It Down. Combining that with mixing/production help from all members of Little Outfit and Grifters & Shills, you get a real effort from the place Brightwire calls home.

With the recent addition of Michael Helfenstein (formerly of The Grizzly Band) as a full-time member, the songs receive the same treatment live that they received on album.