Brightwire – A Place to call  – SHR-009 – 2018

About: After 2 years of being an official band, it was time to document the music we were creating together as Brightwire. Originally, we had the idea to make a “full band” record, but since we never perform that way, we settled on a “live plus” album. What does that mean? Well, we did what do live and had some of our friends add parts to give the songs a bit more depth and beauty. Plus, who doesn’t like making music with their friends?

Track List:
1. 12 Hours from Richmond
2. Eye of the Storm
3. Crystal Beach
4. Dashboard Lights
5. Despite the Gray
6. In the Distance
7. This State
8. Burning It Down
9. Falling Back Down
10. Some Fun

Available September 2018 at Bandcamp.

Brightwire – Eye of the Storm Demo – SHR-008 – 2017

About: While being trapped indoors during Hurricane Harvey, we got together the instruments, set up microphones and went to work capturing some songs we have floating around. We hope you enjoy the demo. Most of these will end up on our 2018 album we’re recording. Just look at this as a preview.

Track List:
1. Despite The Gray
2. Eye of the Storm
3. In the Distance
4. Playing Favorites
5. Dashboard Lights
6. The Righteous Hand

Available for free download at Bandcamp.