August 8, 2023 – Summer Wind Down, New Album Info and More…

This heat is pretty relentless, right? It has definitely made for an interesting summer, that’s for sure.

Much of the summer has been spent playing music outdoors to red-faced audiences who deserve so much love for sticking it out for us musician folks. We’re grateful, but we’re also looking forward to a break in this heat wave.

So, what have we been doing to avoid the heat? Well, when not playing, we’ve been holed up working on a new album. We started 13 songs and have them whittled down to 10 keepers! We’re hoping to be done with it sometime in September. We’ll start dropping singles in October and release the full album in March! We’re pretty excited about how it is turning out. If you liked the EP, you’ll love this one! Especially because retooled versions of Better Off Gone, Out the Door and Edge of the World will appear on the album!

We did some touring over the summer and it went really well. We’re a little humbled by the great turnouts and responses we’ve gotten at many of these shows. It feels like we’re doing something right! For now, we’re back in Texas and just doing local shows until October when we head out for some shows in Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas and Oklahoma. After that run, we’re going to take some time to rest up and regroup for the 2024 push!

But, that’s a ways away, right?

This Saturday, we’ll be at Union Tavern with Grifters & Shills and The Real McCoys. The following Saturday, we’ll have a Sofar Sound show in Garden Oaks. Then, we get to the show we’re most stoked for in August! We’ll be playing at Black Magic Social Club with Shame on Me, Rock Bottom String Band and Grifters & Shills! That is going to be a stellar night of music! We’re so excited for that one!

Alright, y’all! Let’s try to have a good one! See y’all soon!