November 3, 2023 – Tough As Nails…

It’s Friday, y’all! That means Tough As Nails has dropped on all streaming networks! We also made a video for the song that is available on YouTube. You can find it on our videos page, as well.

In the video, you get a preview of the album artwork Daniel Torres for the album. Daniel really knocked it out of the park with the artwork on this one. We’re so happy with how it turned out. All the live footage was shot in the last year by John Stoll of Grifters & Shills!

Tough As Nails became our rallying cry over the spring and summer as Kim overcame thyroid cancer, because, as she wrote in the lyrics: “I may be soft on the outside, but inside, I’m as tough as nails!” Our friend, Liz McGovern (of the Urban Pioneers), played violin on the track and really helped capture the mood of the song and take it to the next level. We hope y’all dig it!
Presale of the album was going to start today on Bandcamp, but apparently, you can only start them 90 days ahead of your release. We could do Kickstarter, but I’d rather not waste your money on their fees in these trying times. Presale will now kick off on December 1st!
Everyone who gets in early will get a reward by the end of the year for being an early supporter…plus one person will get a test pressing of the album! Not too bad, right? The album will be released officially on March 8th, but everyone should be in your hand before then.
And don’t forget we’re going to be playing a local show this tomorrow at Shoeshine Charley’s Big Top Lounge with Grifters & Shills! On Sunday, we’ll be playing the Houston Oasis gathering, which starts at 10:30am at the Montrose Center.
Hope y’all enjoy the song!