April 13, 2018 – It’s Spring Already?!?

Hello friends! We’re finally getting our bearings when it comes to it being 2018, so how is it already spring time?

We’ve been playing some shows, booking others and working on the new LP we’re recording. After lots of deliberation, online polling and the like, we’ve decided to make a full-length that lends itself more to our sound live. More stripped down with a few accompaniments that you normally would not get in a live setting. We’re also considering an EP of some songs done with style of a full band. It could be a lot of fun and something we could build off of the tracking we’re doing for the LP. However, at the rate we’re going, it could be a mix of the two styles by time it is done. We really won’t know until we reach the end of the road. I just think the 2 separate releases sound more fun.

When we’re not recording, we’re out playing some shows. We’re not doing too many in the city these days, because we’re wanting to give everyone a break from us and also wanting to branch out to areas we’ve never been to or have been neglecting. We’ll be in Oklahoma and Arkansas next month, we’re doing Austin and San Antonio in June, the Pacific Northwest in September and we’ll be up Arkansas way again in October. Hopefully the touring in September and October will be to promote the new album.

Ian will be heading off to college in August, so we will be down to a duo this summer, which has been the norm these days as Ian has been auditioning for colleges and playing for the Baytown Symphony. We’ll be hanging up the trio shows altogether in August until we do our annual holiday show. That is a huge reason we’re hoping to have the album done by the middle of the summer.

Keep checking back, we’re going to work on getting more updates over here instead of just focusing on social media. At the very least, once a month. Be well everyone, we’ll see you around. Check out the ‘tour dates’ tab for a list of shows!

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