August 12, 2021 – Get the Shot and See the Show…

We’re a few weeks out from our first show back and, man, did it feel good to get on stage again! Samuel and Kim also took a road trip to Utah to play a friend’s wedding so the performance and touring legs are getting a much needed workout. Hopefully we’ll be back into normal game shape soon.

We have been adding some shows and keeping an eye on the headlines concerning COVID. As it stands in Texas, we’re seeing hospitalizations due to breakthrough cases in Texas at 0.2%, so we’re keeping the show on the road. Our real request is that if you want to come to a show, get vaccinated first. It’ll keep everyone there as safe as they can be and will make an infection like any other flu you get. That’s the key here, friends.

So, where will these upcoming shows be? Well, on the 28th, we’ll be at the Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe and on September 18th, we’ll be at JP Hops House. Grifters & Shills will be joining us on both dates. We’re pretty excited about that. We’ve got other shows coming up in the fall, but these are the ones currently on our radar. We’re pretty stoked about them.

Until we see y’all, be safe, get vaccinated and lets get back to rocking out together again!

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