December 14, 2020 – Cracked, Flawed and Frayed Is Coming Soon!!!

Hello everyone! We hope you’re making it through the holidays with as much joy and safety as possible. We have to admit that there are some mixed emotions these days between the state of the world and the feeling of finishing this album, which is one of relief and excitement.

Rather than let the anxiety of the summer months have their way with us, we focused on creating an album that took our songs to their full potential, rather than focusing on how we would present them live. This led to us each taking on multi-instrumentalist roles, inviting a few friends in and just making the most out of the opportunity to pause.

It helped in many ways, as it kept our minds occupied and kept our bodies inside working away on the recording process. We’re really proud of the result of all the work we put in. The album will be called Cracked, Flawed and Frayed, which came from a song lyric of ours that Daniel Torres, who did all of the art for the album, picked out.

We released our first track with a lyric video last week. If you haven’t seen it, here’s it is:

Our presale is open over on Bandcamp. The album will be available for CD, download and as a limited edition 180g Black 12″ Record. We felt it deserved the full release treatment. The album will be released on March 11, 2021, but the pre-sale on Bandcamp will be released a week prior, so if you pick it up there, you get a whole extra week with the album!

That’s all we have for now. There are no shows for obvious reasons. We know some folks are out playing but we just don’t feel comfortable with it, plus, we’d hate for anyone’s memory of a Brightwire show to revolve around a COVID outbreak.

Be safe out there, friends! We’ll see y’all as soon as we can!

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