February 15, 2022 – Live Again With Touring Ahead

What’s up, everybody? We hope y’all have had a reasonably decent winter season and, like us, are looking forward to coming out of that January hibernation period running.

We kicked off our 2022 live calendar with a show at Devil and the Deep Brewery with The Little Heron Band, which turned out to be a blast despite the artic front coming through. It was so good to see some folks in person and play them some tunes. We had a blast, which brings us to future shows!

This Friday, we’ll be on the west side of Houston at JP Hops House with Grifters & Shills. We always love playing the Hops House. The sound is great, the beer selections is great and there’s plenty of room for folks to come listen to whoever is on the stage on a given night. If you’re out that way, we’d love to see y’all!

We’ve got plenty of shows throughout the spring on the calendar, check the tour dates page for all of those. We’re also in the middle of booking a tour of the lower Midwest and Colorado with Grifters & Shills for the first half of June. Dates are still coming together, but we know we’ll be in Nebraska, Kansas and Colorado so far. We’re working on more dates in those states now, as well as western Missouri and Oklahoma. We look forward to meeting some new folks out there and seeing some familiar faces.

Finally, as the image above shows, we’re recording an EP for release this spring. With the backup at pressing plants, it doesn’t really make sense to be shooting for a full length record right now, so we’re going to work on some EPs this year that will eventually be turned into a full-length album if folks want some LPs of the songs we record this year. The Houston Chronicle was nice enough to mention the first upcoming EP! A single should be out in the relatively near future to get the ball rolling.

Hope y’all have a good one and we’ll be seeing you back on stage as much as possible. Later, y’all!

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