February 19, 2021 – Just A Few More Weeks To Go!

We have really dropped the ball here on the website. We’ve been running the social media sites, proving previews of the album, videos, etc. Hopefully y’all have been over there with us and not just relying on the news feed here.

As you can see from the attached image, the test presses for Cracked, Flawed and Frayed are here! They sound great and we cannot wait to share the music with you. All digital downloads through Bandcamp will be sent out a week before the album is released on March 4th! CDs will ship so you have them on our release date of March 11th! Streaming sites will have the album live on March 11th! The vinyl will be shipped out on…well, we’re leaning towards the middle of April. Not only has COVID slowed things down, but the recent snow event has led to a week of production time at the pressing plant in Austin being lost to snow/power outages. Feat not, though! You will have the albums heading to your door moments after we lay hands on there.

As for shows, we only have a Facebook Live concert coming up to celebrate the release of the album on March 11th. Then, it’s back into waiting until the vaccine distribution is wide enough to justify playing live again. We can hardly wait to be back out on the road again.

Check out our Music & Video page for links to all our new videos! We hope y’all made it through this winter mess here in Texas. We sure look forward to seeing y’all in better times. Be safe out there.

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