January 1, 2022 – A New Year…and Best of Houston nod!

The new year is here and last night we found out that the Houston Chronicle’s Joey Guerra included us in his list of top Houston albums of 2021. We’re nothing short of blown away at this moment. As a kid, we got the Chronicle down in Crystal Beach, so to show up in its pages is really a dream come true. I speak for Kim and Helf, as well, when I say it was an expected honor, but really gratifying, all the same.

We’re always grateful when people take a few moments to listen to the music we’ve created and if they enjoy it? Well, hot damn! This album would not have turned out as well as it did if it wasn’t for folks like John and Rebecca Stoll of Grifters & Shills and Liz Sloan McGovern of Urban Pioneers helping us bring build our songs into something to be proud of. Daniel Torres did an amazing job with the artwork and even provided the album its title. As we approach the anniversary of our dear friend and collaborator Ben Hall’s death, it means a great deal to see the work we did with him getting some recognition. Thanks, y’all.

So, check out the list and give the album a listen if you haven’t. Also, listen to the playlist at the bottom of the article and hear some of Houston’s best!


Ahead, we’ve got some shows booked for February, March and April. We’ll be adding more. We’re kinda laying low here in January to work on some new songs and to, hopefully, give omicron enough time to fizzle out. We can hope, right?

For the summer, we’re working on a couple of tours so we can get back out there and see some folks. We’re really looking forward to getting back to travelling and are focusing on this summer as the time do it. It’s always a bit dicey these days, but all you can do is plan, work it out and hope it comes to fruition.

That’s it for now, friends. We hope y’all had a great holiday season and we hope y’all have a wonderful new year. Hopefully 2022 is the year we can all get back together again and celebrate this thing called life.

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