January 2, 2019 – It’s a New Year Again…Again…

It’s a brand new year and we have been enjoying time with music instead of playing music. We’ve been sitting around the house playing, singing and/or cranking up the stereo. It has been a good way to celebrate the holidays into the new year ahead. Fear not, though, we will be back to playing very soon.

2018 was a wonderful year for us. First off, we got to make our first real album as Brightwire. That was pretty cool by itself, but the most important part of this release was that it became a community effort where our friends in Little Outfit, Grifters & Shills and The Grizzly Band all contributed to the completion of the album. Having artists you love, respect and are inspired by regularly help you in the creation of your own art is a truly humbling feeling.

We also played some shows. We actually played less than we have in the prior couple of years, but we played some great shows and got to visit some new places along the way. We made some wonderful friends, got a lot of hugs, shared bills with people who amaze us by their talents and got to see how many good folks there are out in the world, if you’re just willing to go out there.

Thank you all for a year we will cherish above all others. We hope to see you all real soon as 2019 kicks off and we’re back out there playing. We’ll also be spending more time off to write new songs so you have something to look forward to when you come see us. Be safe out there, friends. Thank you for making our lives better.

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