January 20, 2017 – Here we are…in 2017…

It has been quite the day today. Not quite the day I had planned to make our first post of the year on, but when the rain has you trapped in your office, why not go ahead and do it. There is only so much news on the new President you can hear before dread consumes your soul.

Well, we did it! We made it to the new year. Our first official show together to close out 2016 was a blast. We packed Bohemeo’s, visited with friends and got to have 2 talented acts like Charles Bryant and Little Outfit open up the show. We did good.

Then, we opened up this year by playing a show with 2 awesome songwriters, Matt Woods and Adam Lee, over at Union Tavern. It was another great night of music, old friends and some new ones. It was a fine way to start the new year.

Now, we’re working on recording. We’re going to demo the entire new album, which is pretty much written, outside of some lyrical rearranging here and there. Once the demos are done, we’ll start making the actual record worthy recordings. We’re going to spend some time on this one to make it as awesome as we can.

In March, we’ll be taking a break from the process because Kim and Samuel are getting married, then heading on tour for a week up to Colorado and Wyoming. We’re very much looking forward to our first visits to those states. Check out the tour dates section to see where we’ll be.

Finally, we just want to wish everyone a happy new year and thank you all for checking out the site. Be safe out there, friends.

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