January 27, 2020 – Rolling Into Another Year…

We’ve arrived into 2020 and it has already been a doozy, has it?

We did a couple of last minute shows, but we’re finally getting to the real start of 2020 for us. This Sunday, we’ll be at Dan Electro’s with Emily Nenni and Teddy & The Roughriders. We’ve been pretty excited about this show, even if it is up against the Super Bowl.

After that, we have a Valentine’s Weekend tour with When Particles Collide and Grifters & Shills, which will be a total blast. Make those plans! We’re in the middle of booking our next PNW tour for June, as well. Those dates will be rolling in shortly, so keep an eye out.

What else do we have coming? Well, first off, we have a video for Eye of the Storm that our friends in Grifters & Shill shot for us coming down the pike. It should be available online within the next week or so. The rough cut is stellar, so we’re super excited for y’all to see the final version! We also have a lot of new songs we’re dropping into the set and are really thrilled to be sharing those with audiences. We’re getting real close to having enough songs together to begin work on the follow-up to¬†A Place to Call Home, so we’ll most likely begin work on this this year, at the very least.

That’s all we have for now. We’ll be posting the video as soon as it’s ready, so keep checking back! Be safe out there, friends. It’s wild world.

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