January 4, 2018 – Another Trip Around the Sun…

Hello friends! Thanks for stopping by the website to see what we’re up to as we kick off 2018! We hope the holidays treated you all well and we can all look forward to another 365 to fight the good fight!

We’re currently in pre-production for the new album. We’re recording at Bear Cave Studios (our home studio) but we’ll be spending a lot of time putting this one together. We’ve also already enlisted some great friends of ours to come over and add some finishing touches to the songs we record. We’re really trying to make this a community effort and we’re really excited to see what it becomes. I would expect it to be released before we welcome 2019…We can’t be more specific than that at this point, unfortunately.

As for shows, we’ve got a few coming up that will be a blast. We’re kicking the year off with a “An Evening With Brightwire” performance at Dan Electro’s, then we’re not playing any shows unless it is with someone we REALLY want to play with until the end of spring. Fortunately, we’ve already got a couple of those!

On January 21st, we’re playing with RaNdALL ConRAD! OLiNgeR and Clancy Jones at Notsuoh. If you’ve never heard or seen Olinger, you’re missing out! Then, on February 17th, we’re heading to Rudyard’s to play with When Particles Collide and The Grizzly Band. That, too, will be an amazing show. We’re really stoked to be a part of that one. Finally, we have a solo night down at MOD Coffeehouse in Galveston, which is one of our favorite places to set up, on February 24th. That will be it until mid-March unless another killer bands allows us to open for them.

Our demo is now free on bandcamp, so visit: http://brightwire.bandcamp.com to download it. It’s just a bit of a sampler that we recorded during hurricane Harvey to keep cabin fever from getting too terrible. Hopefully you all dig it!

That’s all we have for now. Hopefully we’ll see some of you out at a show, because we’re definitely going to spend some of this down time enjoying our friends’ music, because we rarely get a chance to do that anymore. Thanks for a great 2017, we love you!

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