July 22, 2020 – Tick…tick…tick…

So time just keeps on ticking by. It’s this weird thing where nothing is happening, each day seems to take forever but then you look up and a month has passed by. The mind has an interesting relationship with time, doesn’t it?

Well, we’ve been practicing regularly, recorded a bunch of album demos and play to start recording on the new album this week! We’re really looking forward to getting some songs put down and working them out until we have something that we’re really happy with. There is really nothing off the table at this point when it comes to this release. We’ll try it all.

Outside of recording, we will be playing a kinda, almost real show down at the historic Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe in Galveston, TX on August 8th at 7pm. Our friends, Grifters & Shills will be joining us, as well! We’re pretty excited about it. We were supposed to be down there at the end of June, but the COVID flareup caused issues so we did an online show to help support the Old Quarter. Now, we’ll be setting up on their stage and broadcasting the show via Facebook Live. Be sure to check it out!

That’s all we have for now. We hope you’re all staying safe and healthy out there. We miss all of y’all.

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