June 14, 2017 – The Eye of the Storm…

The Pacific-Northwest tour was amazing. That just needs to get said right off the bat. We had a blast and the shows exceeded expectations. The locals were super friendly, the venues were all welcoming and we seriously did not want to come home. Normally, you hate to not be touring, but you miss your bed and being home, but this tour was nothing like that. We wanted to stay there forever.

But, we’re back now…

Right now, we’re resting up, working on some new songs and getting some pre-production done before we kick up a few weeks of recording before Ian and I head off on the Pop & Poof: The Return tour.

The Pop & Poof: The Return tour will be a 2 week run by Ian and I up to Baltimore, MD and back. We’re looking forward to getting back up there to see some friends and play some shows. We’re taking it slow on this run. We have a lot of shows, but also some downtime to visit places we want to see. Hopefully we don’t get bored from all the downtime.

When we get home, we’ll be back to work on recording until we’re finished with the album. We really want to get everything rolling for this release soon, because we’re really excited by these songs and think you all will be, too. It’s just capturing them in the way we want to capture them.

That’s all we have for this month…If I remember something else, we’ll post again. Hope to see you all around. Check the tour dates for upcoming dates! Thanks!

– Samuel

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