March 21, 2021 – Cracked, Flawed and Frayed is Out in the World!

The new album has been out over a week! We meant to do big post about the release here and a day after summation of everything with all the thank yous and whatnot, but after all the social media posting and hustling, we just kinda disconnected for a week.
That said, our friends, John and Rebecca from the amazing band Grifters & Shills, really did it up for us last Thursday. First they decorated their house, color coordinated confetti with the album and handmade a backdrop! How cool is that? They also ran cables all through their house so we could basically do a TV show from their house to celebrate the release. And they took all these great pictures. Oh, and they also have episodes of their weekly Happy Hour show every Thursday, so check them out!
To everyone who tuned in and commented during the performance: Thank you! To those who missed it, it’s still up and will remain up for a while so check it out if you’d like. It came out pretty good. We only made a few mistakes from reading messages to the spambot that came into the comments. But, having a spambot makes you a bigger deal, right?
We made something we’re proud of and we’re grateful folks are taking the time to check it out. We worked so hard to make this thing, as did John and Rebecca. We were also so very grateful to have Liz Sloan McGovern of Urban Pioneers play violin on some of the songs. She single-handedly took one from the scrap pile and made it one of our favorite songs on the album. That was so rad.
If you’ve been listening to the songs on streaming networks, we appreciate it. Our Spotify numbers are higher than they’ve ever been. We can almost taste that bean burrito. For those who preordered the album or picked it up in the last week: Thank you! To those still waiting on vinyl: Sorry! They’re coming! The only consolation we have is that we are waiting and have been waiting on pre-orders we’ve made due to the same delays at pressing plants around the country. Our sales folks have been great and kept us in the loop and a mid-April mailout date looks real promising.
Thanks again, y’all. We only do this every couple of years so we’ll stop filling your timeline with stuff about this album after the vinyl comes in until 2023 or so. Hopefully we’ll be back to hassling y’all about live shows by the middle/end of Summer.

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