May 19, 2017 – Pacific-Northwestern Dreaming and Album Update…

We’re down to 2 weeks until we head out to Washington and Oregon for a week of shows and enjoying unexplored territory. We really cannot put into words the sheer amount of excitement we feel to making our maiden voyage to the area. If you’re up there, come see us! Check out the tour dates tab for all of the dates!

Once we’re home, it is time to sit down and start recording the new album until it is complete. We got one song done before we moved, but now we’re going back in to finish the album. We’re aiming for an album that will fit on vinyl, so expect 8-10 tracks. That also means you can expect another album before the end of next year, because we’ve been steadily writing and have a cache of songs.

We’re very excited to show you what we’ve been working on. We’re learning new instruments, spending time working on better arrangements and trying to make the best album we can make. We really hope you’ll love this project as much as we do.

Be safe out there, friends. We’ll see you all soon.

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