November 11, 2016 – And…They’re Off!

We’re finally here! It took quite a bit to make it through the last few “solo” runs and to get into the band stage. We’re all really excited to get to work on the new arrangements, new songs and new feel for the songs we have.

Right now, we’re just practicing and working out demos of the new release. Right now, we’re at a solid EP, but I think we’re going to buckle down and go for a full length album to showcase these tunes. We’re going to work as long as it takes to do get everything the way we want it.

I usually put limits on myself in the studio through instrumental tracks and time frames so I don’t get overly self-indulgent. Hopefully we can avoid self-indulgent, but we’re shooting for a fuller band sound on the recordings. We’re also hoping to do some full band regional shows, but touring will remain duo or trio affairs depending on schedules, etc.

Our first official band show is December 17th at Bohemeo’s as part of my annual holiday show there. We’ll work up 10 of our best songs and play them. Of course, some of those will be songs from These Lonesome Nights, but we hope to mix in an equal amount of new tunes for everyone.

Thanks for checking out the site, if you want news from Facebook, got visit our Facebook page: Be safe out there, friends.

– Samuel

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