November 22, 2022 – Music in the Minor League

Good morning, everyone! Yesterday evening our new podcast dropped its introductory episode and is available almost everywhere you listen to podcasts. The podcast is called Music in the Minor League and will kick off with a more local bias as we hit up the people we know to learn about their paths through music and why they’re still grinding it out years into music. The homepage for it is:

We’re really excited to get this new endeavor rolling. This introductory episode sees us, the members of Brightwire, discuss how we got into music in our youth, the bands we played in as we grew up and how we ended up in Brightwire. We hope you dig it and will subscribe to get notifications in January when the podcast kicks off full time with our interview with Grifters & Shills. We’ll be adding more folks after every couple of weeks or as we pull in new guests.

We hope you dig it and thanks for the time.

The only thing we have going on other than that is our December 10th show with Whiskey Dick and Grifters & Shills at Ronnie’s Hog Heaven. That’s going to be best way to close out the year that we can think of. We hope to see y’all there!

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