November 7, 2018 – Winding Down for the Winter

Hello everyone! We hope you made it through the past couple of month in one piece. We had a blast running all about to spread the word on our new album, so, that is why we’re slowing down for a bit to work on new music and to recoup a bit.

The PNW tour, the local release shows and our run through OK/NWA were wonderful. We had some really great shows where people really responded to the album and our music. Those thrilled us to no end. Even the nights where the audiences were sparse, people seemed to connect to the songs. That’s really what it is all about.

We’re taking it easy for the rest of 2018. We have a couple of shows with When Particles Collide to close out November, then our Annual Holiday Show at Bohemeo’s on December 8th. We know we’ll be back in Oklahoma and Northwest Arkansas in March and will be back in the PNW in May. Other than that, we’re just playing it all by ear.

Thanks for stopping by to check in. We’ll be seeing you all soon, I’m sure.

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