September 14, 2018 – A Place to Call Home!

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A Place to Call Home is officially out in the world today! You can pick it up at a show, off our Bandcamp site (click the ‘Merch’ tab), iTunes, Amazon Music and anywhere else you can find music on the internet! We’re so excited to be able to share the album with everyone. We’re very proud of the final product. 

We definitely need to thank our friends for helping us: John & Rebecca Stoll (Grifters & Shills), Nathan Taylor, Randy Hill and Amie Krebs (Little Outfit), and Michael Helfenstein (The Grizzly Band). They really made our songs come to life and we are so grateful for their contributions. 

We are on our way to the airport now to begin a 10-day Pacific Northwest tour before coming back to Texas to do some CD release parties around the area. Check out ‘shows’ tab for the dates. We would love to see you all! 

After the local shows, we’ll be off to Oklahoma and Arkansas for some shows, then mellowing out for a bit for the holidays. Thanks for the support and making the new album possible. We’re lucky to be doing this. 

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