April 23, 2024 – Thanks, y’all!

Thank you, everyone! This past month has been a blast. We’re so grateful for the response we’ve received over the past 6 weeks asĀ Here, But Gone made its way out into the world.

To say the past six weeks were a blast would be selling it short. We got to play multiple shows with our friends in Grifters & Shills. Rebecca even joined our band on bass for our album release show at the Old Quarter. Oh, and Joel Mora (The Hates, Red Cap, etc) joined us on drums. We got to play the album as we made it: full band. We were stoked. Hopefully we do that again real soon! Did we mention meeting a bunch of wonderful people and getting to celebrate with friends? Well, we should definitely mention how much fun that was.

So, what’s up now? Well, at the moment, we’re taking a bit of a break from playing to get back to writing new songs, practicing old songs that fell out of rotation and preparing for our June Tour! That’s right, we’ll be hitting the road in June for dates in Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, Minnesota, Kansas and Oklahoma! The first 3 dates will be just us, but then we hook up with Grifters & Shills in Wyoming for the rest of the tour. Check out our tour dates page to see where we’re playing!

Before we go, we do have one date in May and that is at Neches Brewing Company in Port Neches, TX, which just so happens to be Kim’s hometown. We’re looking forward to heading to the Golden Triangle of Texas and playing music for everyone. It should be a blast.

Final notes: We did an episode of the Vinyl Voices Radio Show and Podcast and it aired this past Friday, but the podcast part should be coming out on YouTube soon. We’ll keep you posted! And we did an interview with Aldora Britain Records’ E-Zine. You can read it at: https://bit.ly/aldorabritainrecords-magazine-164

Kim and Samuel have a duo tour of the Northeast coming up at the end of August, as well. They’ll be playing shows in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey and Washington, DC. All dates are on the tour dates page now and we’ll talk more about the shows later!

That’s it for now. We hope y’all are having an nice spring so far and we’re looking forward to hanging soon!